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The Denver office (9185 E. Kenyon Ave. STE 180) now offers Neurofeedback Training (NFT) .

Neuroptimize Brain Center is under the direction of Rachel Ragsdale M.A. C.P.C. and her Associates. This form of therapy retrains the brain in a non-invasive approach. Hundreds of clients can testify to the positive effects in their lives and relationships.

Evidence based, NFB is a form of biofeedback and has its foundations in applied nueroscience. When provided by an experienced professional, Trainees will find breakthrough results for sleep problems, anxiety and depression, ADHD and a number of other clinical and stress related issues. In many cases, NFB can reduce or eliminate the need for medications. Side effects are rare. During NFB training, there are 2-4 electrodes placed on the scalp at various locations where the EEG activity diverges most from norms. Nothing is introduced into the brain. The electrodes simply measure the ongoing brain wave activity and enable the Trainer to modify the brain wave patterns for optimal results.

For children and teenagers the benfits are numerous

* Feeling happier and calmer
* Better concentration at school
* Attention disorders (ADHD) are remedied
* Improved friendships
* Less conflict with parents

For Adults

* Improved sleep patterns
* Decreased stress
* Better emotional control
* Healing from PTSD
* Improved relationships

International Alliance Board certified, TRS maintains a practice of excellence through attaining the highest licensure and certification standards. Further information regarding a Treatment Plan and the cost of treatment can be found by calling Dr. Tate (303) 968-4048. www.TRSNeuroFeedBack.com