Addiction Recovery

Sexual Addiction? Substance Abuse? Workaholism? Relationship Addiction?

Addiction has many faces
. Addiction does not discriminate, but affects every age, race and socio-economic level.

Research has demonstrated that one in every five people have problems with alcohol  and / or drugs.

One in every four men struggle with sexual addictions. Addiction is now only a few clicks away as Internet porn is available, anonymous and progressively insidious. Affairs and sexual liaisons are on the rise in a culture of unfaithfulness.

This does not include those who will become dependent on such things as food, work, gambling, unhealthy relationships etc. Often people become cross-addicted or find once they deal with one addiction, another appears to take its place. Addiction is typically a multi-system process as mood altering substances interact with other compulsive behaviors often resulting in significant damage to our bodies, our budgets and our relationships.

There is a way out!   ChangedLife Counseling opens a Path to Recovery for individuals, couples and families to find education, prevention, intervention and life changing treatment of these and other contemporary clinical issues.

David Ragsdale has extensive experience in recovery therapies and clinical modalities that foster true freedom.

A series of sessions will promote lasting sobriety and the deep healing needed to restore healthy desire for authentic lifestyle and intimate relationships.

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