EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization Processing is a powerful tool which will enhance the therapeutic process. Research data now demonstrates the efficacy of this treatment for such issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression and other anxiety related problems people experience. The benefits for non-clinical treatment related to reduction of anxiety and performance enhancement among athletes and executives in the workplace have also been discovered. It is absolutely safe, low tech, and a non invasive therapy. A therapist training and experience in the protocols of EMDR are critical to the level of effectiveness and the results experienced.

David Ragsdale received his initial training in 1999 and has advanced levels of training from some of the most well respected clinicians and organizations in the country. He has successfully treated over 500 clients using this method. He will be glad to discuss his background, training, and approach he most commonly will use with his clients. Further information and research findings are available upon request. When used with faith-based clients, EMDR will enhance one's spiritual journey and deepen a person's relationship with God. It is not hypnosis and not based on new age belief systems.

There are actually two key elements in EMDR treatment. The first is something called “bilateral stimulation”--which just means “two-sided stimulation.” of your brain. You probably know that your brain has a right hemisphere and a left hemisphere and that each side of your body is “hard-wired” to a specific side of your brain. Creating a rhythmic, back and forth stimulation of each hemisphere of the brain seems to stimulate something we call the “information processing system” to go into a highly accelerated mode of functioning--which is exactly the treatment effect we have to create to get the results we’re after. There are different methods that have been developed for creating the “bilateral stimulation” effect. Tactile, visual and auditory stimulation have all been found effective. Based on your preferences we will decide which method feels most effective and most comfortable.

The second key element of EMDR treatment is sort of the “art and science” of how I have to prompt and guide your thoughts while we’re doing the bilateral stimulation. I’ll explain this in more detail to you, but in a nutshell how I do this will be determined by a number of factors individual to your unique situation. The end result of EMDR treatment is to reduce and eliminate negative thoughts & feelings, to increase and strengthen positive thoughts and feelings, and to enable you to really be at your best in your everyday life.

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